S-293 HB

Tim Alpen,

High chair S-293 HB is one of the high chairs in the 293 series. The wood is birch. The S-293 HB has a seat height of 52 cm as standard, S-293 HB is for the youngest children with a removable restraint. The restraint can be removed without special tools. When the restraint is removed the chair has a deeper seat and hgher back to fit older children. The High chair is made to fit a table height of 72 cm. There are also another high version in the series, S-293H also with a seat height of 52 cm. The higher versions have adjustable footrest. S-293 is the lower version of the chair with a 37 cm seat heght. Seat, back, base, footrest and restraint can be stained/coloured individually.