Students house Linköping University

Finished 2019

At the end of August, the Student House was opened at Linköping University. Intended as an entrance to the university campus in Linköping, it welcomes with its red facade. The Student House is a meeting place for students, researchers and teachers. In addition to university libraries, it also houses a maker's center, information center and 1000 study places. The house was designed by White architects, while the interior is made by Mer Solutions. Red tones have been used throughout the interior, including in the model B-35 study tables found in almost the entire building. There is also a lot of natural wood, among others in the massive Prima benches in the entrance floor and the B-580 tables which are found both in the entrance and in the upper floors. A major theme in the building's interior design is reuse, which can be seen in, among other things, the approximately 500 return chairs that have been redecorated and lacquered to fit the color scheme. We have also been able to supply acoustic swivels, Building Swivel, which are in the building, both newly delivered and reused.

Röda toner har använts genom hela inredningen, bland annat i de studiebord av modell B-35 som finns i nästan hela byggnaden. Det finns även mycket naturträ, till exempel i de massiva Prima bänkarna i entréplanet och B-580 borden som finns både i entré och i de övre planen. Ett stort tema i byggnadens inredning är återanvändning, vilket bl a syns i det ca 500 återanvända stolarna som klätts om och lackats att passa till färgsättningen och studieborden. Vi har även fått leverera akustiska snurråtöljer, Building Swivel, som finns i byggnaden både nylevererade och återanvända.

Products used in project